Till minne av:
Jonas Fransson
1964-08-03 - 2021-08-22
Skapad av:
Nicole Germershaus
Samlar in till:
In memory and to honour Jonas, a friend, a researcher, a scientist, a colleague.
We hope that through this fund the money can help others and their families in the disease.
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8 800 kr


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  • Anna-Karin Boman Anna-Karin Boman donerat 500 kr

    In the memory of a colleague with a brilliant mind

  • Annica Lübcke Annica Lübcke donerat 300 kr

  • Bo-Gunnar Rosenbrand Bo-Gunnar Rosenbrand donerat 500 kr

    Till minne av en uppskattade kollega

  • Lars Strandberg Lars Strandberg donerat 500 kr

  • Kristina Gustavsson Kristina Gustavsson donerat 300 kr

  • Sarah Fridholm Sarah Fridholm donerat 300 kr

    With the deepest sympathy to the family.

  • Maria Wallén Maria Wallén donerat 300 kr

  • Maria Wrangel Maria Wrangel donerat 300 kr

  • Pia Persson Pia Persson donerat 500 kr

  • Barbara  Forner Barbara Forner donerat 500 kr

    In memory of Jonas, a great colleague and person./Barbara

  • Juan-Ramón Sánchez-Valdivia Juan-Ramón Sánchez-Valdivia donerat 300 kr

  • ASAT Group ASAT Group donerat 500 kr

  • Anna Petersson Anna Petersson donerat 500 kr

    Till minne av Jonas

  • Ingrid Lange Ingrid Lange donerat 500 kr

  • Rebecca Rosander Rebecca Rosander donerat 300 kr

  • Sigrid Särnlund Sigrid Särnlund donerat 300 kr

  • Eva Hellström Eva Hellström donerat 300 kr

  • Carin Junestrand Carin Junestrand donerat 300 kr

  • Peter Ardenstedt Peter Ardenstedt donerat 300 kr

  • Anna Lundström Anna Lundström donerat 300 kr

  • Mona Lewin Mona Lewin donerat 300 kr

  • Lotta Berghard Lotta Berghard donerat 300 kr

  • Sergei  Kuprin Sergei Kuprin donerat 300 kr

    I have been working close to Jonas since 1999, when he was chef for Pharmaci at Pharmacia & UpJohn in Stockholm. He knew a lot a had a gentle character.

  • Marc Willuhn Marc Willuhn donerat 300 kr